World Wide Web of Wonder

The World Wide Web has been an absolutely amazing source of information, facts and advertising since its inception. Over the years web development has progressed at an astronomical rate as computers and the internet have become more accessible to more of the population. Many companies have begun to advertise their business online as a means of doing their part to save the environment with paperless advertising through digital marketing. Digital marketing has allowed companies to reach a wider spectrum of customers in a much shorter time period. Progression in database management has then allowed the business owners or managers to keep track of clients and their information enabling them to direct more specified advertising to specific clients which increases the promise of return business. Although return business is also dependent on the service and overall experience the customer was presented with during the first visit.


Web development has allowed us to access absolutely any information we require with just a few “click click clicks” on the keyboard. Convenience and speed are always of great importance in this day and age and web development over the years has certainly ensured that these needs are catered for. You no longer have to be a computer wizz or a bookworm to have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Web development and development in digital marketing has allowed work to be done remotely through sites like Word press. Business overheads have been reduced which is an extremely important factor during the current global economy. A business no longer has the necessity for huge office blocks or for furnishing these offices with furniture and computers.

Employees can work from the comfort of their own homes without the stress of traffic or the maddening rush hour. Business owners can now make use of the huge talent pool throughout the world when it comes to their staffing selections and they are no longer limited to those who live close enough to travel to work daily. Productivity has increased – less pressure and more work enjoyment. More productivity, less overheads and more profits for all.

Development in these areas has enabled smoother operations and efficient running of projects. Project management has become a breeze with so much in that department on the web, including open source software which is freely and readily available. Communication time on projects is cut in half with each member having access to the correct information at the same time through these programs. Obviously there needs to be somebody responsible and reliable ensuring the input of all the data but from there it really is full steam ahead. If you are one of those “old-schoolers” who fear technology and the rapid development of the web, take the leap and join the new digital age and see more profits for less.

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