Why a Publisher Like You Should Consider Turning to Digital Publishing

With proliferation of digital devices, publishing isn’t the same anymore. Digital publishing has taken over traditional publishing. With content consumable in any setting, anywhere in the world, on any device and location, it has become the source of successful marketing.

Online publishing is greatly linked to content strategy, which is one of the elements of digital marketing. Content strategy is defined as a process of creating useful, usable and desirable contents that drive results through user engagement. With digital publishing, businesses can deliver contents that people want for a profit.

digital_pub1With magazine readers turning to digital content, the demand for digital contents has greatly increased. With correct information on handling your digital content, you can deliver the kind of content that people want. You just don’t publish but provide quality contents that in the same way drive deliberate results. This is how this e-publishing is directly linked to content strategy as useful element of digital marketing.

Digital publishing has three phases that include planning, sourcing and governing phase. Your plan is your guide of what to do and not. You make use of best practices such as using tools or software. If you’re publishing a video content, you need to use apps like flipbook animation software to enhance your content quality. You also consider key elements such as editing, tracking content criteria and promotion or branding objections.

In planning phase, you take consideration where to source your content that you required. It follows your plan to provide targeted content. On sourcing phase, you make use of social sources and dissemination of content to devices such as mobile and other mediums and sites. You can use either direct dissemination, which is distributing your content to your channels or indirect dissemination by distributing your content to channels managed by others. In governing phase, the key consideration is your content management and continuity in driving user engagements.

 On the other hand, there are 3 things that every publisher needs to know about digital or e-publishing and these will guide you as a publisher.

One is that tablet content will grow. This is reflected on current sales stats of tablet devices. Another is that mobile is currently the only media platform that is increasing its popularity. This is again supported by stats showing consumer consumption share, and lastly, with high demand for mobile devices, apps consumption is also on the rise.

With these three important insights, there is no reason why a publisher like you will not profit once you jump and join the e-publishing bandwagon.

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