Business Planning Relevancies in Modern Management

In the interest of getting ahead, companies have been investing in consultants for more than forty years. Management consultingas a discipline really started to take flight during the 1970’s. What started out as efficiency experts with time and motion studies, have since evolved into efficiencies in management, planning, leadership, and coaching. Business planning nowadays is offloaded to consultants either as integrators or as an independent third-party audit facility. Business consulting in Sydney like almost everywhere else in the world is based on trust, credibility, and adaptability.

When it comes to business planning, there is always the danger of being wrong. In some companies, concepts that were not from the principals are sometimes disregarded beforehand. On the other hand, consultants always have a plan ‘B’, and in some instances, they also have a plan ‘C’ or even a ‘D’. What all this means is that they should be able to come up with alternatives just in case the alternatives presented are not feasible, or against the grain of the corporate identity.

businessplanThere are many levels of business planning, almost as many levels as types of industry, and niches. It is sometimes hard to find the right consultant. However, once a company finds the right consultant with the proper background and credentials, this usually is the start of a long relationship. Some companies employ multiple discipline consultants, or even consultants for different business lines or purposes. This is common practice for large corporations, or for those with multiple projects.

Management consulting has come a long way, and for some companies, their dependence on consultants can be all pervasive. There are consultants for management coaching, for customer engagement, as well as for CRM, and other very specific disciplines. A company engaged in multiple disciplines would benefit a lot from having consultants on multiple levels. These would be specialists for specific tasks and can be hired for short-term projects as well. Their input can be for a customer engagement, where the company needs help or short-term manpower assistance. For multinational companies, these kinds of engagement can also make use of regional consultants, or talent imported from regional offices.

One of the latest trends in consulting is in board development. This is usually resorted to with closed companies. Public company boards are usually nominated during the stockholders meeting and sometimes there is no way to plan the board composition. Privately-held companies, as well as non-profit companies can develop their board according to long-term plans.

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