The IT System in Asia Pacific Today

networkingDespite economic struggle in Europe and US, the Asia Pacific region has become a target venue for IT companies who are looking forward to establishing sites where business can be conducted.

Singapore, being a hub for IT industries, is predicted to progress further in the ICT in the year 2015. The city aims to reach goals that will double the industry’s revenue under the following segments: telecom services, IT services, software development and data centre systems.Because of this, the Asia Pacific region will yield an improved economic stature creating more opportunities for employment and education.

IT systems in Asia is said to be more empowering considering the emergence of new hardware products such as tablets and smartphones, which make IT more mobile and accessible. Due to the birth of numerous companies in the region, skilled candidates are perceived to at a shortage level especially that top IT professionals are already employed in major IT industries.Nevertheless, manpower hunt is on fast track so that operations will run smoothly.

With the industry’s sustainable growth, IT has focused on two major areas that will bring Asia Pacific into an economic boom. These are Cloud Computing and Big Data. Cloud is the known to be the foundation of three other forces in the industry, which are Big Data, Social Media and Mobile.

Because of the introduction of Big Data and Cloud Computing, it is predicted that there will be around 4.4 million IT jobs created globally. Big Data is said to deliver simultaneous stream of information that can be utilized by IT businesses and entrepreneurs that will result to the innovation of industries and discovery of new businesses. Big Data shall provide a number of opportunities that will transform information into revenue. The creation of jobs will contribute to the growth and development of the global economy.

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