Secrets to Creating Amazing Wedding Videos and Photos Sourced From Wedding Specialists

Depositphotos_30737775_s-2015Expert wedding photographers didn’t obtain their reputation overnight, and just like other professionals, they worked hard to learn tricks and useful tips from every source. And, because they know how it feels to be a beginner, they’re sharing some of their secrets in creating amazing wedding videos as well as wedding pictures. Here are some that are sourced from various wedding specialists’ blogs.

1. Don’t shoot tons of footage

The secret is to shoot only the right shots and get rid of shooting too much footage. The latest trend in wedding videos is a short 3 to 5 minutes wedding trailer. This allows you not to shoot a lot of footage but only the right shots enough to fill the 3-5 minutes trailer.

2. Shoot only what you will use

Many wedding videographers make the mistakes of shooting every scene and end up not using them. Minimize your wasted shots in your wedding videos by asking yourself if you’re going to use the shot later and if not, just forget about shooting it.

3. Use the right gears and tools

The benefits of using right gears and tools are to be light and fast. Using the right camera for quick switch or for easy going back and forth allows you to move freely and easily from angle to angle. Using light gears and avoiding weights help in attaining your best angles therefore giving you the freedom to make beautiful wedding photos.

4. Never forget the must have shots

Beginners should always keep in mind that there are “must have” wedding shots. The trick is to attend rehearsals and practice the shots. You can also browse wedding blogs to memorize the must have shots. Attending rehearsals also allows you to familiarize with the wedding flow so you will not miss a wedding scene.

5. Take care of “wedding emotions”

One of the secrets of amazing wedding photos and videos is capturing all the emotions in the wedding. Make sure you’re always on hand to capture all the smiles, laugh, and tears of all the people in the wedding. Remember the wedding is a celebration of a special day and not only the couple’s but also their guests’ reactions make up the emotions of the wedding film so have the setting and focus ready to catch every reaction and emotion. Great and beautiful pre-wedding photography usually is full of emotions that the couple shared together and the people around them.

Once you mastered these tricks and tips, there is no way you can’t create beautiful and amazing wedding photos and videos.


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