Marketing Tips for Those in the Travel Industry

We all know how website development is a must for those who are doing business these days. And if you’re in the travel industry, it’s an even bigger must. SEO for travel industry will not just help you be on top of the search engines, it will also help you target the people who need you.

Let’s get on with it then! Here are some important tips you will definitely need when it comes to marketing your business in this very lucrative industry.

Localize your SEO

TravelMarketingOne of the most important tips any expert in SEO in North Sydney will tell you, especially if you own a travel and tours agency in a certain tourist destination, is to localize your keywords well.

If you are in Indonesia, for example, make sure that you include the city or town you live in. Instead of saying ‘Indonesia travel and tours’, say ‘Bali travel and tours’ instead. Go even more local, if the place is well known to people.

Go crazy with good content

In relation to the first SEO for travel industry tip, see to it that you have a lot of travel articles posted in your site. Simple ’10 Best Vacation Destinations this Summer’ or ‘5 of the Cheapest Hotels you will Find’ can help attract traffic to your site. For additional marketing strategy, incorporate your keywords and phrases here.

Build links

Writing those articles mentioned in tip #2 would be a great way to build links. Other sites related to yours will definitely re-post those especially if it is interesting and well written.

Give Google Adwords a try, too. If you’re not sure how to prepare a copy for this, there are several companies offering adwords management in Sydney. Using Adwords is a bit complicated so they can also help you manage this so that it can be effectively linked to web pages that your targeted market will see.

You should not discount well-reputed sites that provide real testimonials from people who have tried those places that you are marketing. Yelp and TripAdvisor are only some of the most trusted in the travel industry right now.

Remember that practically all adults are making use of the internet for most of their transactions. The numbers are even larger when they are looking for vacation packages, booking flights and getting reservations from hotels. So if you are in this business, see to it that your SEO for travel industry is up and running.

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