Having Trouble Standing Out?

Say you manage to land yourself a big opportunity for physical marketing: getting a spot in an expo. Foot traffic from thousands of passerby a day doesn’t mean much if your exhibit stands barely gets their attention.

Make it easier on your target market to recognize you from the rest by making your booth memorable. There are many ways for you to do this: an eye-catching design, good graphics, interactivity–the works. The key to a good event booth design is to turn people’s interaction with it into an experience.

Take for example an expo for tech companies. Unless you’ve grown into a household name, if everyone in the next couple of booths over has the same display–your run-of-the-mill plastic stand with a couple of prototype laptops and brochures on the table–then chances are that the average person walking past won’t be able to tell the difference between your exhibit stands.

What you could do instead is to design your booth in a way that draws attention to the product or service you offer. For a tech company, show off your new devices by inviting the audience to interact it; the bigger the spectacle, like a VR game or a puzzle piece, the more people you could attract to your exhibit stands. The benefit here is that not only are people naturally curious and will remember that display more, but they also get the chance of trying out your services for themselves, creating more leads for you to convert into sales.

Another way for you to be able to make your brand stand out is by utilizing the space given to your exhibition display. In Sydney, you get a lot of traffic from both tourists and locals alike. Instead of having one or two people blocking the rest when standing in front of your booth, you could design your exhibit in order to better allow people to mill around it as they move through. You can improve your overall visibility by making different aspects of your display more accessible to a passing crowd.

Nowadays, exhibition stand builders can come up with various designs to suit your needs more. Whether you’re a homegrown brand trying to improve your sales outside your online store or if you’re testing the waters in a new country with a soft launch of your newest product, you can bet that there are professionals you can consult with in order to maximize your physical presence, fleeting as it may be.

If you’re looking for suggestions, visit the nearest exhibit or convention near you and look for stands that catch your eye. You could reach out and ask about their experience with the conceptualization of the booth and the success of their attraction phase or ask recommendations for effective designs if they’ve had some experience in booth management in the past.

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