Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Businesses in Australia

digitalmarketingstrategiesThe web has revolutionized the world of marketing, marketers believe that the internet is the future of marketing. Today the Internet continues to impact on marketing; new online marketing trends are taking over. Researchers and marketers have identified a significant trend that can’t be overlooked, “Video marketing,” this is the use of video to market organizations, products, and brands. Youtube CEO believes that by the year 2019, most of the web traffic will be derived from video content, this will have a great impact on marketing, it means that marketers and organizations will be using video to target their audience/customers. Video marketing being an essential part of marketing, it is imperative that businesses in Australia learn how to get more customers with videos. This article will explore three major digital strategies that will lead to an effective video marketing campaign and get more clients

1. Focus on customer needs.

The core objective of the video marketing is to get customer attention and make them take action, the only way to do this it to offer what they need or what they are looking for. The video should focus on the customer needs and offer a solution, what this means is for the marketer to know the customer or the audience, know what their needs or problems are then trying to offer a solution. By focusing on the customer problem, the video will capture the attention of the audience, and by doing this the chances of customer taking actions will be high, hence try to understand the customer and their problems and make the video useful by giving the information needed by the customer and this will lead to an efficient video marketing campaign.

2. Educate your audience.

The video content should be educative in the specific areas the audience is interested in. One thing that has made content marketing as a digital strategy very successful is relevancy. With relevant content, blogs, and website can retain customers after they land on the targeted page, the same case applies to video marketing, the audience wants the video content to be relevant to the information they are looking, the video should be informative and educative as this will make take the customer to the critical stage in buying cycle which is arousing the interest. Educative video content will stimulate the customer’s interest and increase the likelihood of the customers taking action and make you get more customers hence; it is imperative to make the videos educative, and this will turn to be an effective online marketing strategy.

3. Focus on creating strong brands.

Your audience or customers are more likely to remember a visual message. The video being one of the visual content; you can leverage its power to build a strong brand (brand awareness). Video marketing presents an effective digital strategy to market your brand visually, you can use the lower part of the to display the company logo, your name or the company name, this will help in building brand awareness which will help customers identify themselves with your brand hence creating loyal customers and reaching more customers.

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