Australian Information Technology on the Move

information-technologyOver the years, it is undeniable that citizens have witnessed remarkable advancements in the information technology sector. Today, as a matter of fact, information technology news portray the continued revolution, much of which has made livelihood easier. This article seeks to highlight some of the latest IT news in Australia.

To begin with, toothbrushes are now Bluetooth active. Would technology ever go overboard? You may want to answer that after an insight of this smart series of electric toothbrushes. It may sound absurd but this new technology could prove so significant to those who for the lack of adequate time do a 30 seconds brush up; in the front and the back of their teeth and that’s it.

The new technology has been adopted by oral-B and it could be the smartest toothbrush you might have come into contact with. It can be connected to your iPhone or android enabled Bluetooth devices. The biggest upside of using this smart toothbrush is that when you start brushing, the stopwatch in your phone will turn on a two minutes timer. After every 30 seconds, it indicates to you that you need to change and brush a different area of your mouth. What’s more, you are able to get feedback on your brushing routines.

The toothbrush comes just like any other electric toothbrush with a replaceable head, a segment for cleaning specifically your tongue a charger and its modes customizable in six different ways. Once you pair them up, you will be looking at a super toothbrush. Who knows, at this rate, bathing soaps and gels may get there too.

Another very remarkable that would be lovable by many is the fork that helps you with weight loss. Weight loss has proven to be an elephant in so many people’s rooms. Could be majorly because of drastic changes in lifestyles overtime. The fork that costs almost 100 us dollars uploads every information about your speed of feeding, how much of every fork servings you are taking and how long it took you to complete your food. This helps anyone who uses it to monitor their feeding habits.

In other news, Google has thought it wise to incorporate advertising as a way of scaling up their revenues. According to the price water house coopers, in 2013, Australian advertising through search engines produced up to $1.804 US billions. This amount is highly expected to double if the advertising features are incorporated in 2014.

Basing from the latest IT news in Australia, technology advancements is something else and as time goes by, you would expect super devices and objects in your home from a photo frame that boosts your ego by telling you if someone is looking at your picture to a camera that will be able to record your entire lifetime. Well, that’s information technology news for you.

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