3 Easy to Follow Steps of Converting Websites to WordPress

Is moving your website to WordPress will make you lose all the time, energy and money invested in your websites? The answer is a big NO, and top WordPress developers will certainly agree. This gives you a push to convert and here are 3 easy to follow tips to make it a lot easier.

Tip # 1 Start with a plan

websitesBefore migrating or converting to WordPress, you need to work with a plan like any WordPress developer does.  Your plan should include how much contents you need to import, the tools you will need in importing your content and if the tools are to be needed or if your URL needs to be restructured. Your plan should also have provisions for existing functionality of your websites such as contact forms or subscriptions, restricted pages, digital or physical products and carrying over old CMS. Your plan should also provide for a working example to have an overview how the process will work.

Tip #2 Get WordPress ready

Get WordPress ready to go by starting the installation. You can either install with your current hosting provider or use this migration to move to a new host. Once installed, your next move is setting and installing plug-ins. A wordpress developer commonly advises new users to choose plug-ins depending on website’s needs. There is plenty of useful WordPress plug-ins and some are free like WordPress SEO and form management plug-ins like Contact Form 7. If your website has multiple languages, a free option is qTranslate. Some paid plug-ins are the likes of VaultPress for backups and WPEngine or Pagely for security. If you’re selling products, woocommerce is a recommended plug-in. Woocommerce developer can help you in enabling this eCommerce plug-in on your WordPress or you can do an automatic installation by simply logging to your wordpress  dashboard and click “Install Now”. There’s a WordPress Codex that contains instructions on how to do a manual installation.

Tip #3 Create a custom theme

You can either build a new WordPress theme or simply modify your existing theme. In creating your custom theme, your first step is to bring over your old website’s style sheets into your new style sheets. This is a simple step of copy and paste. Next is do the header, which is done by replicating the original HTML to WordPress. This is one of the great challenges of migrating to WordPress and deciding to improve the HTML codes or leaving them as they are depends on your best practices.

Migrating your website to WordPress can be a challenging task however as you go along, you’ll find a lot of available help from WordPress team and using them gets the job done lot easier.

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